Private swimming lessons for adults in Suffolk

Swimming lessons are held in the tranquil spa pool at the Belstead Brook Muthu Hotel in Ipswich, Suffolk. The pool offers a safe and relaxing environment that promotes focus without distraction from others in the water. Swimming lessons are offered on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis. This allows for a truly focused and tailored lesson to suit your learning style and goals, all at your desired pace.

If you have your own pool or a preferred pool location, I am more than happy to teach there. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

What to expect

Swimming lessons are taught with hands-on guidance in the water with you. Being gently guided and helped to feel the correct movement is a central part of the learning process. It provides instant feedback and correction, enables accurate patterns to be formed and offers reassurance.  This is supported with demonstrations by myself and feedback, including the opportunity of above and below water video analysis. All with the aim of helping with confidence and reinforcing your learning.

Each stroke has been developed by combining a short series of individual movements that can be practised independently and refined. This is also reinforced by practices out of the water where you are encouraged to perform the actions to help aid muscle memory and to help understand the steps in a flowing way without the effects of the water.



Private one-to-one swimming lessons prices start from £35.00. To book a lesson or to find out more information, please contact me.



Private one-to-two swimming lessons prices start from £25.00 per person. To book a lesson or to find out more information, please contact me.