What is the Shaw Method?

The Shaw Method is a system based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and focuses on the quality of movements, the experience and efficiency. It teaches greater body awareness, strengthens the relationship between mind and body, promotes freedom of movement, and helps to prevent strain and injury.

Devised over 25 years ago by former competitive swimmer and Alexander Technique practitioner, Steven Shaw, it is widely acknowledged by many senior health professionals as a highly effective approach to physical fitness and well being.

What is different about the Shaw Method?

Unlike many swimming teaching methods that are based on a competitive swimming model or a childrens lessons adapted for adults, the Shaw Method is the only method based on the Alexander Technique. The method is underpinned by an aspiration for swimmers to develop a good relationship with the water. Rather than ploughing mindlessly up and down a pool, the method teaches the swimmer to focus on individual components of a stroke, to refine these and develop awareness of them in the water.

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