My name is Jessica Bell, a water lover and passionate about sharing the experience of Shaw Method swimming.

Despite having a water-based childhood with sailing as my parents passion, swimming wasn’t my first love. As an exercise and sports enthusiast, I was naturally drawn to the odd swimathon, open water swim and eventually triathalons over the years but it wasn’t until I was in rehabilitation from emergency back surgery that I discovered Shaw Method swimming.

Rehabilitation and discovery...

Desperate to rebuild my strength and range of movement, and return to some level of my pre-operation life with exercise, I was encouraged to have a lesson with Steven Shaw. As a confident and competent swimmer, I wasn’t sure how the lesson would go. In just one lesson I was hooked. Not only was I able to move freely without pain, I felt free of the fear that I would cause damage to my back again. I re-learnt to swim, and play, in the water in a way that helped mobilise my back in ways that other forms of exercise were unable to reach. The increased awareness of using my body in the most natural and effortless way – the way we are designed to before habits and lifestyles impact us – resulted in a new way of life for me.


Transformed by my experience, I felt a strong desire to share this. I wanted to help others experience the same pleasure, freedom, confidence and gain a sense of grace, ease and power in the water. Training to become a Shaw Method teacher was the obvious choice.

Qualified in 2012, I now provide private Shaw Method swimming lessons to adults in Suffolk.


Shaw Method Swimming Teacher Training

STA Level 2 Swimming Teacher Certificate

STA Level 2 Award in Safety Award for Teachers